Since 1998, 4Life Research® has brought you the best quality products available to support your overall health. We are committed to ongoing innovation and scientific discovery, with products to help you lead a healthier life.*

4Life product formulations are developed through research and a commitment to the utmost quality and efficacy.

The company’s in-house Research and Development team includes doctors and scientists who keep 4Life on the cutting edge of scientific advancement. Additionally, our Health Sciences Advisory Board (HSAB) assists in the development of new products and helps further research into 4Life Transfer Factor Science.

Products for Your Life

When you feel healthy, you can live your best possible life. That’s why people are making the smart choice with 4Life Transfer Factor products.

The Science of 4Life Transfer Factor

4Life Transfer Factor Science encompasses the research, technology, and innovation of products that fortifies your body. 4Life Transfer Factor products are patented, certified, and highly researched.

Recognize: Transfer factors help immune cells quickly identify invading germs.

Respond: Transfer factors help the immune system respond more efficiently after an invader has been identified.

Remember: Transfer factors lend a hand in remembering the specific makeup of each germ your immune system encounters, so your body knows exactly what to do next time.

4Life earns NSF® Registration and Award for Best Health and Fitness Supplement Provider. Watch the video below


4Life Patents

4Life's research and pursuit of patent protection demonstrate the company’s long-term commitment to exclusivity and stability. 4Life holds six U.S. patents and 38 international patents—with dozens more pending.

Science Team

Expert research equals scientific success

Our in-house research and development team is comprised of health and wellness experts and PhD recipients working hard to keep 4Life on the cutting edge. We’ve also enlisted the expertise of dozens of physicians and nutrition experts worldwide, all members of the Health Sciences Advisory Board.

Health Sciences Advisory Board