4Life Products Certified-Free of Banned Substances

4Life Products Certified-Free of Banned Substances
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Did you know that 4Life products are tested for banned substances? These tests ensure you are getting the safest, highest-quality products on the market. Thanks to these tests, we know that 4Life products are certified-free from banned substances!

Take a look at what we tested for, what 4Life products we tested, and why that matters.

What Banned Substances Did We Test For?

4Life products were tested for anabolic steroids and other compounds in the following categories:

  • Performance-enhancing drugs in sports nutrition
  • Erectile dysfunction drugs and structural analogs in sexual vitality products
  • Stimulants, diuretics, and laxatives in weight management products

What Products Did We Test?

4Life tested for banned substances in the following products:

4Life Products Are Safe and Reliable

As a consumer, you should know exactly what you’re buying. We want you to be informed about the supplements you take and feel confident that 4Life products remain free of these banned substances. That’s why we go the extra mile to make sure these products undergo rigorous, reliable, and repeatable testing in accredited labs using the latest technology.

We develop 4Life products through research and a commitment to the utmost quality and efficacy. 4Life products are backed by peer-reviewed publications, patents, in-house white papers reporting on studies done by 4Life or third-party collaborations, and monographs that include extensive literature reviews for ingredient safety and efficacy. These studies are also cited in the Prescribers’ Digital Reference.

See the official statements on Banned Substances.