4Life Price and LP Increase
(effective May 1, 2024)

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Due to an increase in operating, manufacturing, and logistics costs, precipitated by global inflation, 4Life Malaysia will be implementing a modest price and LP increase on its products, effective May 1, 2024.

For 25 years, 4Life has been a world leader in Transfer Factor science, distributing hundreds of products to more than 70 markets worldwide. This price adjustment allows us to continue to provide high-quality, effective products for the immune system at competitive prices.

As mentioned above, we are also increasing the LP on the products. For example, the LP on a bottle of 4Life TF Plus Advanced is increasing from 50 LP to 55 LP. For every bottle of 4Life TF Plus Advanced you sell, you’ll now make 10% more in commissions. The increase in LP increases your commission payout and eases your requirements to achieve new ranks.

The malaysia.4life.com website and price list will reflect the new pricing beginning May 1, 2024.

We appreciate your partnership and are confident this LP increase will help you go further in your 4Life business.

Please review your May 2024 Loyalty Order with up-to-date pricing on or after May 1. Loyalty Order reminder emails for May will be sent on May 1 and, for those with Loyalty Order dates set for May 1, those orders will be processed on Thursday, May 2, allowing you to make any desired adjustments before your order ships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is 4Life raising prices?
Global inflation has increased the price for operating, manufacturing, and logistics costs, so we are modestly increasing most of our product prices.

Why did 4Life raise the wholesale price and the LP?
Raising the LP along with the wholesale price increases your payout, therefore easing the burden of increased prices.

Why is a higher LP a benefit for me?
When each product is worth more LP, Affiliates can more easily advance to new ranks and can earn higher payouts. Increasing the LP improves the ringgit-to-cost ratio for a majority of our products.

Where can I see all the new prices?
The new prices are on the malaysia.4life.com shopping page and the price list.

I do not have a downline, so does a higher LP help me? Higher LP for each product also makes it easier for you to qualify for Instant Discounts.

Will this price change affect my Loyalty Order?
Yes, your Loyalty Order will have a price change. Please log in to the Loyalty Order management area on or after May 1 to review your order. If you need assistance, please call us at 1800-810-793.

My Loyalty Order ships May 1. How can I view the new pricing before my Loyalty Order ships?
If your Loyalty Order is scheduled to ship May 1, we will wait to ship your order until May 2. If you want to change your Loyalty Order, please log in to your account and review your order on May 1.

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