Unlock, Nourish, Awaken A New You!

Unlock, Nourish, Awaken A New You!
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Be in the driver’s seat of your own health. Feel better, look brighter and have the energy to do the things you love.

4Life products comes from years and years of research and discovery. Our state-of-the-art laboratory has cutting-edge equipments and our top-tier team of scientists formulate and develop top products for your health. Each product undergoes hundreds of tests to ensure efficacy and quality, and many of our products are patented and validated by third parties.

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When taken together, 4Life TF CV and Targeted Vitamin & Mineral Complex offers support for a healthy cardiovascular and circulatory system. It features a potent blend of ingredients including coenzyme Q10, Ginkgo biloba, garlic, red rice yeast extract, and many more to promote healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


Red rice yeast, resveratrol, ginger
Support healthy cholesterol levels

Garlic, co-enzyme Q10
Support healthy blood pressure

Butcher’s broom, hawthorn, gingko biloba
Promote healthy blood circulation

Vitamin E, vitamin C
Provide antioxidant support


Take 2 capsules TF CV and 4 capsule Targeted Vitamin Mineral Complex daily


4Life TF Vista provides targeted support for visual and eye health so you don’t miss out on the little things that make life beautiful. Vista contains the No. 1 doctor-recommended lutein brand, which acts as a critical shield to the eye’s macula region and provides antioxidant benefits.

Other important antioxidants like bilberry and black currant support healthy visual acuity and sharpness. Vista also contains Vitamins A, C, and E for additional support against naturally occurring free radicals.


Lutein, zeaxanthin
Promote visual acuity and sharpness. Provide critical shielding and protection for the macula region of the eye.

Bilberry, black currant, astaxanthin, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E
Powerful antioxidants to protect the eyes from oxidative effects of the sun and environment.

Supports the eyes' ability to adapt to varying light condition.


Take 2 capsules daily


4Life TF Collagen is the beauty boost your skin, hair and nails need to get them radiant, glowing and looking absolutely gorgeous! Each packet contains 5,000 mg Type 1 hydrolyzed fish collagen (which is best for rapid digestion and absorption) shown to improve skin moisture, skin elasticity, decrease wrinkles, protect skin structure, improve skin barrier function and support healthy skin tone.

Independent studies show that mixing just one powder packet with your favorite beverage daily can give you visible results in as little as 42 days!


Type 1 hydrolyzed fish collagen
(best for rapid digestion and absorption)
Shown to improve skin moisture, skin elasticity, decrease wrinkles, protect skin structure, improve skin barrier function and support healthy skin tone.

Vitamin C, vitamin E
Support skin structure and protect the skin from sun damage.


Mix 1 powder packet with your favorite food or beverage. Take 1 packet daily.


Celebrate your womanhood! 4Life Transfer Factor Belle Vie promotes healthy hormone balance, reproductive health, and breast health.


Phytoestrogen blend of kudzu, flax, red clover
Support healthy endocrine system and cell function

Green tea, grape seed extract
Antioxidant support

4Life Transfer Factor
Enhance the immune system

Broccoli, kale, cabbage
Promotes healthy detoxification


Take 2 capsules daily


4Life BRN is a thermogenic blend that supports fat loss and weight management. It ignites fat burn, improves energy for optimal workouts, increases feelings of fullness, and reduces hunger. BRN helps you achieve a lean, sleek, and healthy body.


Bitter orange, coleus forskohlii root, African mango seed and cayenne pepper
A 12-week study showed that 4Life BRN accelerated metabolism and doubled the body’s ability to burn fat.


Take four 4 capsules daily

Set yourself up for success by giving yourself expertly designed supplements.

Care for yourself. Be as bold, beautiful and healthy as you want to be because you are worthy of being all these.

Choose YOU and keep doing YOU!