4Life Success


Attend events to be inspired by 4Life executives and Affiliate leaders, discover how to build a successful business, learn the basics about 4Life products, network with other Affiliates, and make amazing memories. Leaders are born at events!

Corporate-Sponsored Meetings

View and plan for our upcoming corporate-sponsored meetings. We hope to see you there!

International Conventions

At 4Life Vision: 2024, we will look toward the future, together, and then take it a step further by defining how each of us can bring our own dreams into focus.

Incentive Trips

One way we recognize and reward our high-achieving Affiliates is through world-class incentive trips to exotic locations


Recognition is our way of saying, “Well done!” As a 4Life Affiliate, you’ll enjoy ongoing recognition. From incentive programs to on-stage recognition at our international conventions, we love celebrating your hard work and dedication.


Celebrating the efforts and success of our incredible Affiliates!

Top 25 Affiliate Enrollers

These Affiliates enrolled the most Affiliates!

Top 25 Rapid Rewards Earners

These Affiliates earned the most Rapid Rewards!

Top MyShop Sellers

These Affiliates had ten or more MyShop sales!

New Associates

These Affiliates enrolled their first Affiliate!

4Life Compensation Plan

Break free of limitations

4Life is a top network marketing company with a compensation plan that offers some of the highest payouts in the industry. Our plan rewards part-time and full-time business builders. Affiliates can earn monthly commissions, Infinity Bonuses, Builder Bonus payments, and luxurious Great Escape trips to dream locations.

†Less than 1% of 4Life Affiliates qualify for incentive trips.